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Understanding the field of Medical Technology

  A   Master of Science in Medical Technology in Pune   or M.Sc. Medical Technology, is a postgraduate course for Medical Lab Technologists. A programme that trains people to conduct and supervise sophisticated medical tests, clinical trials, and research experiments, as well as manage clinical laboratories and confer with physicians and clinical researchers on disease causation and dissemination, diagnoses, and research outcomes. Hematology, clinical chemistry, test and research design and implementation, microbiology, immunology, physiological correlations to test results, laboratory procedures and quality assurance controls, immunohematology, laboratory administration and personnel are all covered in this course. What are the Benefits of an M.Sc. in Medical Technology? Experienced medical technicians might enrol in a Master's degree programme to receive advanced training. Students pursuing a master's degree in one of three fields:  haematology, chemistry, or microbiology. St

Understanding the various aspects of healthcare management!!!

The healthcare industry in India has grown significantly in recent years, as the concept of healthcare has expanded beyond hospitals. The Indian health-care sector, which includes hospitals, medical devices and equipment, and health-insurance, is estimated to reach $160 billion by 2017, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF). The increased demand for superior health care facilities, as well as expanding health awareness and policies, could be major drivers driving this growth.  Symbiosis healthcare management  is greatly known for their healthcare education.  The most difficult task in bringing these figures to life is developing a professional workforce capable of dealing with healthcare-related concerns. The industry requires qualified health care management experts in addition to nurses, doctors and other paramedical personnel. This necessitates the development of a health-care management programme. This can be addressed with a Master of Business Administration (MBA)