Masters In Nutrition And Dietetics: Course Objective And Job Prospects

Amidst the courses that have come into the limelight recently, Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics in India is one of the fastest growing ones. Since the pandemic, the importance of courses in the Healthcare field like M.Sc nutrition and dietetics has increased multi folds; thus, there has been a rapid hike in need for trained professionals. Post completing your studies degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from top-grade University like Symbiosis Pune Nutrition College, it becomes pretty easy for you to get placed at the leading firms in the sector.

Think sensibly while picking a college for your degree course. Considering the essential elements of the college like the Faculty, Placement, Infrastructure etc. Selecting the finest institute like Symbiosis College of Health Sciences Pune paves the way for quality education.

M.Sc nutrition and dietetics
The Course structure is a proper blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The programme covers biology, chemistry, psychology, and nutrition classes, making it a comprehensive and all-encompassing degree programme.

Study Objective:

A student enrolling in an M.Sc. clinical nutrition and dietetics programme hopes to gain scientific knowledge of nutrition and dietetics’s fundamental theories and ideas. In addition, students learn about the effects of clinical nutrition, food science, and public health nutrition on human health and wellness by the course curriculum.

They will increase their practical knowledge of dietetics and nutrition for use in business and research. Additionally, they will develop the critical thinking, entrepreneurial, and communication skills necessary for career advancement in nutritional sciences.


The subjects of the courses ensure holistic development. From theoretical concepts to practical applications, the course design has got everything covered. Listed below are some of the subjects which the students are taught.

  • Nutritional Biochemistry

  • Statistical Methods for Applied Science

  • Human Physiology

  • Food Science & Processing Technology

  • Techniques in Food Analysis

  • Healthcare Management

  • Nutrition in Health and Disease

  • Microbiology of Food

  • Exercise Physiology & Metabolism

  • Advanced Food Chemistry

  • Sports Specific Nutrition

Once you complete your Masters in nutrition and dietetics in India, there are scopes for higher research in firms and Full Time Jobs. Listed below are some of the famous career options in nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Management Dietitian

  • Consultant Dietitian

  • Nutrition Research Scientist

  • Community Dietitian

  • Nutrition Product Manager

  • Nutrition Sales Executive

  • Trainee Nutrition Sales Executive

Area of Employment For M.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics:

A professional-level programme, the Master in Nutrition and Dietetics, assists students in entering the medical field. The M.Sc. programme in nutrition and dietetics is designed to equip students for careers in the sector. Graduates in M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics have many employment options in India.

  • Healthcare Center

  • Training Centers

  • Laboratories

  • Multispeciality Hospitals

  • Food Industry


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